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Springtime Gardening with Must Have Gadgets and Tools by Charmaine Ferrer
Spring is just around the corner! It is time to get the seeds and bulbs ready for planting! Have a landscaping project you are dying to start? Now is the time to begin. As the snow begins to melt, the rain goes away, and the sun emerges from behind the clouds, you know that spring is arriving. Garde...
Published: Wednesday 10 March, 2010
Going Where the Wind Takes You with a Weather Vane by Charmaine Ferrer
Which way does the wind blow? A weather vane is a perfect solution if you want to know the direction the wind blows. Back then, weather vanes helped folks determine which way the wind was blowing. Although weather vanes still maintain their purpose, they also serve as more of a decorative function i...
Published: Wednesday 10 March, 2010
Telling Time the Old-Fashioned Way with a Sundial by Charmaine Ferrer
Sundials were used during pre-modern times for time-keeping. It measured time according to the position of the sun. As the sun moved across the sky, the shadow edge, provided by the style (a thin rod or sharp, straight edge), aligned with the hour lines on the plate. This allowed people to tell tim...
Published: Thursday 25 February, 2010
Adding a Classic and Modern Look with Statues by Charmaine Ferrer
Statues are a symbol, a representation of a person, an animal, or an event. They are detailed and elaborate and provide insight to the past or are just fun depictions of daily life. Statues are also often seen in a town square or in an art gallery or museum.
Published: Thursday 25 February, 2010
The Simplicity of Catching Raindrops with a Rain Chain by Charmaine Ferrer
A rain chain may seem as simple as it sounds. Well, it actually is! A rain chain is a simple outdoor decoration that catches rainwater and trickles down. These rain chains are widely used in Japan, and are making its way into American households as another added element to their outdoor decor.
Published: Monday 08 February, 2010
Outdoor Lighting the Old-Fashioned Way, Part 3 by Charmaine Ferrer
There are many different outdoor lighting styles to choose from that one can get overwhelmed or flustered by the choices. If you have an outdoor theme, try to stick with the theme or environment you are trying to create. This will add a dramatic and unique look to your outdoor landscape.
Published: Monday 01 February, 2010
Go Green with Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions (Part Two) by Charmaine Ferrer
As we move towards a greener environment, the use of natural resources is a simple solution to becoming more energy efficient. One of these natural resources is the sun. Solar energy is a valuable resource and an energy alternative to electricity.
Published: Tuesday 26 January, 2010
Lighting Up the Day and Night with Outdoor Lights, Part One by Charmaine Ferrer
Around wintertime, people are feeling the blues of having to stay cooped up inside the house. You gaze at the windows into the backyard, imagining the sun beaming down as you sip a margarita by the pool underneath your gazebo (that has a Garden Winds replacement canopy on it!).
Published: Thursday 14 January, 2010
Whimsical, Unique, and Mystical Gazing Globes by Charmaine Ferrer
A gazing globe is a unique lawn ornament with a rich history and is whimsical in nature. As more folks adorn their yards with outdoor decorations, a gazing globe is a natural choice in enhancing the appeal and look of the back yard.
Published: Friday 08 January, 2010
Is Investing in a Replacement Canopy For Your Gazebo Worth It? by Charmaine Ferrer
Remember the saying, You get what you pay for? That rings true for every product we buy. But for big purchases, like a gazebo, customers want to make sure the money they invest in gives them a huge return.
Published: Monday 07 December, 2009
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