Best Gazebos of 2012

by Garden Winds


One of the most common questions we get around here is simple: “What gazebo should I buy?"

Being a generally difficult person by nature, I usually respond with my own series of questions: “What size gazebo do you want?  How much do you want to spend?” and so on.  But sometimes people just want a simple suggestion, based on what I actually like.  So here is a jargon-free list of the current crop of gazebos that we’re digging, either because they give you good bang for your buck, they excel in a specific category, or because they just plain rock.

Brian Clarke


Mike Gomez



Best Budget Gazebo

JC Penney's 2012 Garden Gazebo
At a price of $160, the Garden Gazebo from JC Penny is a great deal.  The corner panels and roof bars snap well together.  That's because no additional tools are needed.


Best  10x10 Gazebo


Garden Oasis Peaked Top Gazebo
You will not see another gazebo like the Garden Oasis Peaked Top Gazebo.  This gazebo makes a daring statement in your yard.  The peaked doorways & pitched roof are bold & dramatic.


Best Large Gazebo


Allen & Roth 10x12 Dome Gazebo
This is our favorite gazebo of 2012.  Not only is the dome shape of the canopy visually striking, but also very functional.  The curved top makes the Allen & Roth Dome seem even larger & roomier than its 10x12 frame.

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