Gardening Tools – What are they and how are they Used?

by Charmaine Ferrer

The fall season is approaching and as the warm summer weather turns into cool and breezy, it is time to prepare the outdoors for the winter season ahead. For those seasoned people with green thumbs, you have already set out a to-do list in order to make sure you a ready for winter. But for those that do not have green thumbs, there is always time to learn and prepare as well.
There are a lot of gardening tools for use at your disposal. How do you know which tool you should use? This article will provide the novice gardener information about the most basic types of tools to get your garden in shape.
Spading Fork
A spading fork has flat tines (like that of a fork) and sometimes come in a handle that is shaped like the letter D. They are used to unearth the dirt, digging bulbs, and turning compost.
The long and thin tines of a pitchfork allow for the ease of picking up and moving dirt and other materials from one place to another.
Hand Pruner
The hand pruner looks like a fancy version of office scissors. It is used for trimming flowers, small leaves on branches, and other foliage.  It is small enough to fit in your hands for easy cutting.
This tool is heavy and has sharp points used to break up dirt, rocks and soil. Use this tool if you are going to get a garden bed ready and the area is full of rocks and other materials that may make it difficult to plant flowers or vegetables.
Hoes have a flat surface at the bottom to scrape and weed the surface of the soil. This is the traditional version of the hoe, with others that contain loops and a stirrup style as well. Use this tool if you are going to flatten a ground’s surface after planting to ensure even distribution.
Round-Nosed Shovel
This tool gets its name because the bottom of the shovel blade is pointed. The round-nosed shovel is used for digging the surface of the ground. It can also be used to mix different types of soil and grass, as well as prepare holes for planting trees and other plants.
Axe or Hatchet
For chopping wood, an axe and/or hatchet is the tool to use. Some of them have a double blade and others are flat at the end. The flat end of the axe is sometimes used to put wooden stakes into place.
The list provided is a rundown of some of the basic gardening tools that can be used to clean up a garden bed or outdoor area. There a many different styles and variations to choose from. When choosing the right gardening tool, examine it carefully and make sure that the tool fits nicely into your hand. Make sure that the grip is nice, not too firm, but not too loose. Also, purchasing a pair of gardening gloves will keep your hands from any damage. Choose gloves that have a palm that have a no slip grip.
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